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Today, I will provide you with my detailed nTask review.

nTask is a US-based company that came into existence in 2015, and Fawad Ansari was one of its co-founders. This task management tool started with a small group of employees aiming to streamline complex workflows and organize online to manage day-to-day tasks effortlessly. 

The platform has multi-lingual support, including Arabic, English, Chinese (Mandarin), German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The impetus behind the nTask was to let you organize and control all your tasks with one tool. It has been built for agile individuals and teams who wish to create quickly, assign, submit, and receive daily assignments with less hassle.

nTask has evolved from a simple task management tool into a complete project management software platform.

nTask Review

nTask excels in task management. The tool enables effective collaboration and communication between team members with complete transparency.

It allows you to assign tasks, set recurring duties, generate progress reports, share files, attach files, generate checklists, reject and accept submissions, and much more. 

You can plan and monitor budgeting, allocate resources, and define risks all in one platform. The program’s robust integrations like Google Calendar enable monitoring team performance and time spent on each task.

You can collaborate and analyze every single bit of your workflow through nTask. 

This platform provides you with a dashboard to see projects and tasks assigned to you and your team members. You can see the status, due dates, priorities, and time spent on each task. 

This project management software is suitable for all industries. 

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nTask Features 

Powerful Project Management

nTask simplifies project planning and streamlines according to the task priority. Resource management, project planning, financial summary, task dependency, project deliverable management, and a lot more can be done with a single click.

You can set milestones for the team members and balance their workload in real-time, ensuring nobody is overburdened or underutilized. Budgeting and financial summaries play an important role in planning any project, and nTask allows you to examine every aspect critically.

Powerful Project Management ntask

Clear Work Management

nTask Manager organizes workflows on kanban boards that are visible to all team members. This provides a sense of transparency and lets everybody know what the team is doing. You can enhance productivity and trust by ensuring that no individual is overworked or underworked. 

With this powerful task management tool, you have everything in one platform; from custom statuses, linking projects, unlimited kanbans, to pre-built board templates.

Clear Work Management ntask

Task Management Flexibility 

This platform offers high flexibility in managing work and prioritizing tasks. From work events to family get-togethers, nTask helps you organize everything from scratch and meet deadlines. It offers list views, grid views, and even calendar views to ensure you’ve got all the access you could need. 

You can add multiple team members to an activity, set planned and actual due dates for tasks, attach documents and even task comments, and set priorities and statuses so that everybody always knows what is expected and when.

Task Management Flexibility ntask

Visual Progress Management 

nTask tracks progress with an interactive Gantt chart. This lets you create attractive, precise, and user-friendly visualizations and track the progress to date. To ensure everybody understands the road ahead, you can add all tasks and their scheduled dates to the Gantt charts. 

nTask can set task dependencies and has a drag-and-drop feature that enables you to make changes effortlessly. This project management tool allows you to do it all under one roof, from budget tracking, progress lines, reporting, and creating subtasks to analyzing each project.

Team Collaboration and Communication

With nTask, you are assured of brilliant team collaboration and communication; that is what the tool was created for. It ensures that every team member is on the same page by providing details about every task on their dashboards. 

This helps your team work together with accountability, responsibility, and transparency. nTask enhances team communication and collaboration and works productivity and visibility, leading to a successful execution every time. 

nTask does it by providing additional features like dedicated workspaces, team chats, personal chats, the bulk team invites, and task comments. Nobody is ever left out, and the communication is without noise or hindrance.

Team Collaboration and Communication ntask

Effective Timesheet Management 

nTask allows you to efficiently track each individual’s work with an up-to-the-minute time tracker. It generates timesheet reports for every single time log and helps analyze how long each task takes. Time tracking is useful when you have team members who work hourly.

nTask includes a manual time entry system, timesheet submissions, timesheet approvals, withdrawals, and even automatic timers to make the work quicker.

Effective Timesheet Management ntask

Productive Meeting and Task Management

nTask allows you to schedule, plan, and manage all team meetings from one place. It enables the minutes of the meetings to be critically reviewed and evaluated before they are published. This helps in quick actions and better decision-making. 

These features enable you to set recurring meetings automatically, set meeting agendas and discussions, curate meeting notes, take follow-up decisions and actions after the meeting, and even sync the calendar to keep everything in place.

Productive Meeting and Task Management ntask

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nTask Products

nTask Manager includes several products that help you manage and organize tasks. It offers six sub-tools to help you achieve your project goals.

 #1. To-Do Lists

nTask lets you create all sorts of to-do lists as per your customizations in the form of a checklist. All these processes are automated; it only takes you a few clicks.

#2. Issue Tracking

nTask is the number one tracker that helps you manage all issues easily. You can set the issue’s severity and status and link it to different projects and tasks to ensure that the most important issues are considered first.

Issue Tracking ntask

#3. Meeting Management Tools

nTask’s meeting management tool helps you easily organize all meetings from one dashboard. You do not have to switch between several pages or apps to manage the meeting. A single dashboard allows you to set the meeting goal, record all discussions, set follow-ups, and create recurring meetings when required.

#4. Kanban Board 

One of the most popular tools that nTask provides is the kanban board. It is a flexible way to have all your tasks organized and prioritized on one dashboard.

#5. Risk Management Tools

These risk management tools allow you to monitor, manage, and evaluate any severe impacts on your projects. You’re given a risk matrix, risk updates, and even mitigation plans.

#6. Timesheets

This is the last but one of the most useful products offered by nTask. When you have a remote team, it is essential to manage and track their performance. nTask timesheets provide robust task timers. You can share the timesheets for approvals, print them, or export them as a PDF.

Use Cases

The nTask manager can be used by large and small organizations, NGOs, freelancers, and more. It has specific features to suit all types of work, including:


nTask offers robust features that keep your design work organized in one place. It fosters seamless collaboration, so you don’t lose anything. It offers design task management tools that help you create, assign, and prioritize tasks through Gantt charts. 

nTask provides you with markup design assets, public URL sharing, and more.


Marketing campaigns require untold efforts, time, and dedication, and they also require data. nTask makes it possible for you to avoid any confusion. It manages different clients with various deadlines through marketing checklist management, powerful marketing plans, and more.


Nonprofit organizations have unique projects along with the need for powerful financial management. nTask covers it all for you by providing you with a special program exclusively designed for NGOs. 

It offers fund management, planning tasks in advance, collaboration, NGO workspaces, report generation, and more.


You have multiple clients all the time. nTask is great for tracking personal productivity and organizing all projects due across the globe. nTask provides you with features like task progress tracking, a personal checklist, attachments, and more.

Project Managers

Project management is a huge task when you have no automation. With nTask, you can save time and effort, allowing you to use professional project management solutions that include features like resource management, charting, reporting, tracking team progress, and integrations.

This platform offers advanced project management features that ensure you get through with your project without any issues.

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nTask Pros and Cons

This nTask review will be incomplete if we do not discuss its pros and cons.


  1. It helps you plot and manages projects easily
  2. Fosters team communication and collaboration with chat features
  3. Efficient task tracking
  4. Robust Gantt charts
  5. Focus on achieving project objectives with maximized productivity
  6. Optimizes work and planning through kanban board views
  7. Customises all statuses with a personalized workflow 
  8. Strategize tasks intuitively 
  9. It gives you specific task progress graphs to see where you can improve 
  10. Reach a higher level of transparency overall, simplifies all complex information, and improves team productivity 
  11. Monitors projects and progress in real-time with features like assigning issues and risks, sub-tasks, integrations, and more


  1. Attaching large files takes more time
  2. Not best for a team with over 50 team members.
  3. Advanced reporting features are missing in the app
  4. Sometimes the support team takes longer than usual to respond to tickets


nTask’s support teams are available 24/7 with live representatives to help you through any problems you face. If you are new to the platform, you can set up a tutorial with one of their support members, who will teach you. 

They are also available via email and a help desk portal. nTask’s blog and knowledge base pages guide can solve half of your issues immediately. 

There is an FAQ forum where you can find answers to your basic questions. The nTask support team is available to help you with your problems over the phone or chat, and charges may apply. 

nTask hosts live training sessions online through webinars to help you understand the tool’s functioning and how to use it seamlessly.

nTask Pricing Plans

nTask Pricing Plans

nTask offers four subscription plans, one is free, and the other three are affordably priced. 

Basic plan

The basic plan is free forever. It is best suited for freelancers or individuals who seek to manage their tasks effectively. It includes:

  • 100 MB storage
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Five members per team
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Timesheet
  • Issues tracking
  • Meetings

Premium Plan

This is the most popular because it is cost-effective with top-notch features that help mainly SMEs and startups flourish. It costs 2.99 USD per month per user, billed annually. It includes:

  • Everything in the free basic plan
  • 5 GB storage
  • Gantt charts
  • Projects
  • Kanban board views
  • Custom filters
  • Bulk actions

Business Plan

This is best suited for larger corporations seeking to manage their heavy task loads seamlessly. It costs 7.99 USD per month, per user, billed annually. It includes:

  • Everything in the premium plan
  • Risk management tools
  • Custom statuses
  • Kanban board templates (ready-made, custom, and editable)
  • 10 GB storage
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Saving custom filters
  • Advanced integration and reporting (not yet launched)

Enterprise Plan

This is nTask’s most elite plan suited for companies with a large workforce and complex tasks which cannot fit into any of the above plans. This plan is customizable according to the client’s preference, so the quote is only provided upon calling the sales department. It includes:

  • Everything in the business plan
  • Dedicated cloud server
  • Custom onboarding
  • Dedicated account manager 

Paid plans come with a 14-day free trial. If you like it, you can go for a subscription. If you do not, you can simply cancel nTask. 

You can sign up for free with no obligations; click here to register for free.


From our complete nTask review, this certainly is one of the best task management apps in existence. It not only offers powerful features to ease your task and project management process but comes with a basic but solid no-cost plan. 

nTask is one of the most cost-effective and affordable tools on the market, with constant upgrades and custom additions, and it is all streamlined in a single platform.

nTask is the right product if you want to enhance your team’s collaboration, productivity, and communication; it stands at the top of the list of powerful task management tools.

I hope this nTask review was useful to you. If you are interested in trying this platform for free, click on the following link to join the platform for free.

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