project expediter vs project coordinator

You may not work in a projectized or strong matrix organization where you have full authority and access to resources. Your organization could be a balanced matrix functional organization.

In a balanced matrix, you have to request the resources for your project.

In a functional organization or weak matrix organization, your authority is reduced further, and your role can be a project coordinator or a project expediter.

You can have project coordinators or project expediters in a projectized or strong matrix organization for larger projects. They will report to the project manager or management, but they will have limited authority.

These two titles have different roles, which we will discuss.

Project Expediter

A project expediter works as a staff assistant and coordinates communications. They cannot make or enforce decisions.

You can find project expediters in a functional organization or a weak matrix organization.

Project expediters can communicate the progress reports, participate in discussions with stakeholders, and provide input in decision-making. They will communicate the decision to the relevant stakeholders once the decision is made.

If the project expediter reports to the project manager, they can manage logistics and material management for the project. They will communicate with the contractors or suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of materials.

Simply put, the role of a project expediter is to facilitate communication.

Project Coordinator

Project coordinators have the power to make a few decisions, and they report to a higher-level manager.

In most cases, the role of the project coordinator is similar to the project expediter, but they have some authority over the decision-making process.

A project manager can have a project coordinator to help them monitor and control project progress.

The Differences Between the Project Expediter and the Project Coordinator

Let’s look at a few of the differences between the project expediter and the project coordinator:

  • The project expediter has little or no authority, while the project coordinator has limited authority and is involved in decision-making.
  • In large projects, the project expediter manages logistics and communicates with suppliers for timely materials delivery. On the other hand, the project coordinator helps the project manager control project-related issues.

It is not true that expediters exist in functional organizations and coordinators in matrix organizations. They both can exist in a strong matrix and projectized organizations. However, in this case, both will report to the project manager. The expediter can help the project manager deal with non-technical jobs such as material management and logistics handling, and the coordinator helps them manage the project.


The project expeditor and coordinator each have an important role in project management. Both are connected with the project manager or higher management. They are very helpful and, when the project manager is absent, they can assume the role of the project manager. A project manager can share a few responsibilities with them if they are busy with other activities or during emergencies.

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