Validated Deliverables Versus Accepted Deliverables

Validated Deliverables versus Accepted DeliverablesMany people often get confused while differentiating validated deliverables and accepted deliverables. Verification is another term which adds more confusion to these two. But being a visitor of PMSC, you don’t have to worry about any of these terms that may make you puzzled.

In my previous blog post, I have already discussed about validation and verification. I request you to go there and read about the validation and verification process and then come back here again to move further.

This is not a very tough concept, but it is good for you to understand the difference between them because these concepts will help you in your PMP Certification exam. You may also see some questions on these topics on your PMP Test.

Anyway, this post is not going to be very long.

Okay, let us get started…

Validated Deliverables

As per the PMBOK Guide, the results of the execution quality control process are validated deliverables. Validated deliverables tell you that the deliverable has been checked for completeness and correctness; i.e. deliverables are validated.

Validated deliverables are output of the Perform Quality Control process and they are input to the Verify Scope Process.

Accepted Deliverables

Clearly, these are the deliverables which are accepted by the client or the customer. As per the PMBOK guide, accepted deliverables are the deliverables that meet the acceptance criteria and are approved by the customer or client.

Accepted deliverables are the output of the “verify scope” process.

Deliverables are accepted when they have passed the validation process; i.e. once the deliverables are thoroughly checked for completeness and correctness, then it will go to the customer for his acceptance.

Here this blog post about the validated deliverables versus accepted deliverables finishes. If you have anything to add to it, you may share your thoughts through the comments section.

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    • Fahad Usmani says

      In the fourth edition of the PMBOK Guide, Control Quality was producing Validated Deliverables while in the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide, Control Quality produces Verified Deliverables.

  1. Claude says

    Is it then safe to say that the interplay of both terms ‘verify’ and ‘validate’ between the two editions seems to suggest that they are interchangeable and mean one and the same thing? What seems clear is that verified/validated deliverables are more of internal checks on quality while accepted deliverables involve ‘externals’ e.g. sponsors, stakeholders and their acceptance of product before the project is closed?

    • Fahad Usmani says

      Hello Claude,

      I am writing an article which will cover the point raised by you. I will share you the link once it is published.

      • mike says

        Hi Usmani
        Kindly can u update me on verified/validated delivery if u have updated u r blog bit. Confusing on the names

        • Fahad Usmani says

          As per the PMBOK Guide 5th edition,

          You do the verification internally to see if the product/deliverable is meeting all requirements, And the validation is about acceptance of the product/deliverable by the client.

  2. Neil says

    Hi Usmani,
    What is the difference between Work Performance Data and Work Performance Information?
    What is the difference between Requirements management plan and Requirements documentation?

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