Brain Sensei Vs PM PrepCast

Brain Sensei and PM PrepCast are two popular Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam training providers. If you are looking for a training program to earn your 35 contact hours and struggling to select one of these two, this Brain Sensei vs PM PrepCast comparison will help you reach a decision.

In this article, I will compare these two platforms on every single basis to give you helpful information about which training provider you should select. 

Before I start my comparison, please note that Brain Sensei offers a single package that includes training and practice questions. PM PrepCast offers several packages: PM PrepCast Basic, which provides only training, PM PrepCast Elite, which adds the PM Exam Simulator to the training, and PM PrepCast Elite Plus, which includes training sessions, exam simulator, formula guide, and study coach.

Therefore, to make this comparison fair, I will compare Brain Sensei with PM PrepCast Elite Plus.

Brain Sensei Vs PM PrepCast

Let’s start with a bit of background information on Brain Sensei.

Brain Sensei offers a cutting-edge, non-traditional study method that focuses on animations, fun, engagement, and interaction while preparing its students for the PMP examination. It offers a robust 35 hours teaching schedule necessary to pass the exam through the story of a Samurai.

The creators, John Estrella and Chris Stafford, who each has over 20 years of experience in PM, developed a narrative method of teaching after they noticed that typical online PMP exam courses were boring and too serious, targeted for corporate professionals. The courses were missing life, which they aimed to change. “eLearning with a punch”, as their tagline says, is what they have achieved by creating the Brain Sensei courses.

To transform online learning from boring to engaging, they created an online learning system that empowers students to pass their examinations and made the learning process enriching and interesting. They take advantage of the storytelling technique to keep students engaged while learning, which was scientifically proven to be a more effective learning method.

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Now we come to the PM PrepCast.

PM PrepCast is a more traditional approach to online teaching. It follows best practices to ensure that its students master the information. In the market since 2006, way before Brain Sensei, PM PrepCast has coached over 58,000 project managers to become PMP certified. 

Cornelius Fichtner developed PM PrepCast. With over 20 years of experience in project management, Fichtner was the PMI Chapter President and is now an active member of his local PMI chapter. Not only that, but he is also the founding member of PMI’s New Media Council and Social Media Advisory Group.

Overall, the main difference between both exam preparation programs is their pedagogical method. Brain Sensei uses a modern interactive method, whereas PM PrepCast is a traditional study system. While the former focuses on interactive teaching, the latter is best suited for conventional professionals. 

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Brain Sensei 

brain sensei homepage

Brain Sensei’s interface and the website design are clear but less detailed than PM PrepCast. Both include their product description on their sales page, but PM PrepCast includes more details. We did note that Brain Sensei clearly shows that you get one full year of access (we couldn’t find access duration on the PM PrepCast site).

The website follows a more modern, easy-on-the-eye design approach that aims to give you an idea of what you’re getting into without too much literature. We hope to see them add more product details on their sales page in the future, however, as they do indeed provide all the study material you need to pass your exam. 

On the right-hand side of the site, one can access reviews about the products, all of which seem to be high, with very happy learners.

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PM PrepCast

pm prepcast homepage

PM PrepCast on the other hand has a more content-rich website that provides thorough product information. 

PM PrepCast includes more info about the courses and describes everything in detail, ensuring the buyers can find all information about the product, though we weren’t able to find how long you will have access to the course once you purchase. The reviews on the main page reveal what others think about the product.

The blue layout color with several reference images, videos, and graphics engages the user and delivers a positive experience. 

On PM PrepCast’s home page, you can also play a sample video of one module to get an exact look and feel for the study material and what the platform has to offer.

However, PM PrepCast’s interface drags a bit, increasingly frustrating as you dig deeper into pages like the pricing page and the support forum. It seems outdated and a little too detailed. 

Click here to check out their website today.


Brain Sensei 

Brain Sensei offers the PMP exam course material with a 100 percent guarantee of refund, success or pass rate, and risk-free investment. It includes the 35 contact hours required to take the PMP exam. 

Brain Sensei has been helping people pass their project management certifications since 2013 and boast a 99.6% pass rate on the exam for their students.  They’ve helped more than 15,000 people from 76 countries pass their exams.

The course covers everything you need, including predictive (also known as traditional), agile, and hybrid project management methodologies. Its format and syllabus ensure that you are well prepared for the latest exam type. It has all the content you would expect from a traditional PMP exam prep company, plus the added benefit of the animation and interactivity and their science-based memorization tools (they call this Spaced Repetition Sequence or SRS).

As part of their unique offering, Brain Sensei’s exam questions are psychometrically adjusted, meaning that questions are constantly being assessed for being either too difficult or too easy and adjusted accordingly, ensuring that the learner is able to gauge their level of understanding of the material more accurately. With their practice questions, Brain Sensei opts for quality over quantity.

Here is what this PMP exam course offers:

  1. Your 35 contact/education hours
  2. Nine story-based interactive eLearning modules 
  3. A personal instructor in the form of an animated “sensei” 
  4. Unlimited full practice exams (exam simulators)
  5. 1,500 psychometrically adjusted practice questions
  6. 1 full year of access
  7. Base knowledge assessments
  8. Discovery questions to reveal your problem areas in the syllabus
  9. Thirteen exciting and fun storyline challenges
  10. Key knowledge point summaries for each process
  11. Facebook support group 
  12. Follow up emails 
  13. Proactive and speedy customer support
  14. Formula guide
  15. PMBOK guide process chart
  16. Flashcards
  17. SRS (Spaced Repetition System) Memory map
  18. Glossary, Tips & Tricks, study assistance

Learn more by clicking here.

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pmp exam prep brain sensei

PM PrepCast

PM PrepCast promises you will ace the PMP examination with one of the world’s most popular video training courses. Like Brain Sensei, PM PrepCast has a dedicated 35 contact hours that you need to prepare for, sit, and pass the examination. In fact, it has over 52 hours of video sessions.

It cuts down on your in-person training costs by providing excellent teachers and resource materials online. 

Their course is trusted by over 58,000 project managers across 56 countries. It allows you to study from anywhere through your phone, PC, or tablet. 

Now we come to sample questions.

This PMP Exam Simulator features over 2,100 PMP exam sample questions. You can take five practice exams, each consisting of 180 questions (930 questions) and 1,200 practice questions. 

Read my in-depth review of the PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner.

I have tried questions from both simulators. Brain Sensei has a great collection of questions, but the PMP Exam Simulator provides more questions, better appearance, reporting, and feedback, in my opinion. The PM Exam simulator offers over 2,100 questions, more than double of Brain Sensei. However, as mentioned, Brain Sensei’s questions are psychometrically adjusted and constantly being updated. It’s not just about quantity, after all.

Especially helpful is the live feedback feature in PM Exam Simulator that allows you to ask for help in the same window when facing difficulty with a question.

Here is what the PM PrepCast Elite offers:

  1. 35 contact hours certificate
  2. Agile and hybrid project management concepts 
  3. Over two thousand practice questions
  4. Time flexibility 
  5. Over fifty hours of webinars 
  6. Real-life examples to suit the course concepts
  7. Knowledge area overview lessons and articles
  8. Lessons based on the role of the project manager
  9. All tools, techniques, outputs, and input reviews 
  10. 2,100 practice questions
  11. Five practice tests
  12. Live feedback

Learn more by clicking here.

pmp exam prep pm prepcast

Overall, I find PM PrepCast’s offering to include more practice questions than Brain Sensei’s, but beyond that, it really comes down to a learner’s personal preference on approach.  


Despite the primary focus of both platforms on PMP exam prep, they also provide training for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Let us review both platforms.

Brain Sensei 

Brain Sensei offers comprehensive training for the CAPM exam with guides and questionnaires that prepare you for the certification. They ensure that you cover all the blind spots and prepare you to answer all questions in the examination successfully. They offer up-to-date course material, so you do not miss out on anything, and provide you with 23 contact hours required for exam preparation.

Brain Sensei makes the same promises for its CAPM course as it does with the PMP: a hundred percent guarantee of refund, certification pass, and risk-free investment. If you are not satisfied with the platform’s services, you can ask them for a full refund within 30 days, which they will happily provide with no questions asked. 

Here is what the CAPM exam prep course offers:

  1. Nine interactive eLearning modules
  2. Four full practice exams (exam simulators)
  3. 1 full year of access
  4. Your 23 contact/education hours
  5. Six hundred practice questions
  6. Basic knowledge assessments
  7. Discovery questions
  8. Facebook support group 
  9. Key knowledge point summaries
  10. Exciting storyline challenges
  11. Self-assessments to track progress
  12. Follow up emails
  13. Speedy customer support, typically replies in less than an hour

Learn more by clicking here.

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capm exam prep brain sensei

PM PrepCast for CAPM

PM PrepCast for CAPM empowers you to stand out from the crowd by teaching the skills, tools, techniques, and knowledge you need to become a certified associate in project management. 

It provides video-based training to master the concepts with the PMBOK guidebook to ensure that you have everything you need and beyond. It gives you realistic and relatable examples to make the studying process easier and prepares you to surge ahead of the competition.

All study materials are downloadable, ensuring you can access them offline and on any device.

Here is what this course offers:

  1. Over six hundred prep questions 
  2. 90-day money-back guarantee 
  3. Over seven additional bonus items to keep you engaged and motivated
  4. 23 contact hours certificate
  5. Self-assessment questions 
  6. Instant access to the course
  7. Advanced concepts
  8. Downloadable lessons

Like the PMP exam course offered by PM PrepCast, the CAPM exam course comes in two different versions. It lets you choose according to your level of preparedness and only pay for what you need. 

For example, if you only need a basic course, choose their basic subscription. If you also wish to have 90-day access to their CAPM exam simulator along with the training lessons, select the elite course.

Learn more by clicking here.


Brain Sensei 

  1. Engaging narrative-based based lessons with an interactive wand 
  2. The required 35 contact hours
  3. 100% pass guarantee.
  4. 100% risk-free investment with a 100% refund policy
  5. 1 full year of access
  6. Robust and dynamic practice questions, mock exams, and quizzes
  7. Mobile-friendly (requires Internet) and some downloadable content
  8. Personal and amusing online animated instructor
  9. Real-time detailed tracking
  10. Six modules on how to be the perfect project manager
  11. Free access to the first module
  12. Dedicated blog and podcast to solve all the common queries and questions
  13. Exam outlines available on the platform
  14. Certification guides and handbooks
  15. Speedy customer support
  16. Military scholarship of 10% for retired or current military personnel

Get access to their course here.

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PM PrepCast

  1. Over 52 hours of video content
  2. Opportunity to save money with their course subscription, based on knowledge levels
  3. Mobile friendly and downloadable content
  4. 35 contact hours certificate provision
  5. Top consumer reviews by names like Google, Facebook, and more 
  6. Allows you to move at your own pace
  7. Covers complex and advanced concepts
  8. User-friendly course interface
  9. Comprehensive webinars
  10. Free email courses
  11. Exam simulators for both PMP and CAPM
  12. Free forum access
  13. 90-day money-back guarantee 
  14. Definitive formula directory
  15. PMP prep lessons and interviews for better preparedness

Get access to their course here.


Brain Sensei

  1. Less detailed website layout
  2. Fewer practice questions
  3. Not ideal for students who prefer the traditional learning style

PM PrepCast

  1. No progress tracking for training sessions
  2. The course is not interactive at all and follows the online pre-recorded videos method for teaching
  3. Not ideal for students who desire engaging study material


Brain Sensei 

Brain Sensei has a proactive support team of experts and professionals who are always ready to solve your queries. The founders sometimes jump in to help students with their questions.  They reply in less than one hour and are available throughout the week, from Monday to Friday. 

Brain Sensei also has a Facebook support group to ask questions, and the community members will answer them promptly. 

Learn more here.

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support brain sensei

PM PrepCast

PM PrepCast also has a team of professionals appointed to work with you to solve the queries. They have a discussion forum where you can share your issue. 

If you wish to get connected with one of their professionals online, contacting them by email is a good option since they have timely replies with suitable solutions. 

Learn more here.

support pm prepcast


Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei’s complete PMP course costs a flat rate of 499.99 USD, for 1 year of access. At the same time, its complete CAPM course prep costs 349.99 USD. They frequently have promotions on their site to ensure that they have the best value/price over their competitors.

Order your subscription here.

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pricing brain sensei

PM PrepCast

PM PrepCast’s Basic training course for the PMP exam costs 229 USD. Its Elite training course costs 299 USD, which includes an exam simulator which itself costs 149 USD, and the Elite Plus package is 446 USD. 

Order your subscription here.

pricing pm prepcast


I have compared Brain Sensei and PM PrepCast in every aspect. You can say that each platform is targeted towards and more suitable for a specific type of student. 

Brain Sensei works for a modern generation that likes to interact, engage, and have fun while studying. The animations, click-heavy course materials, Samurai instructor, and clear interface make Brain Sensei ideal for students who grow weary of sitting in front of their computer and listening passively to an automated voice video. It addresses the modern learning challenges – like as short attention spans and distractions – through its modern teaching approach.

Even though Brain Sensei is more expensive than PM PrepCast, its excellent self-study material, challenges, tips, tricks, and thorough modules make it worth every penny. The trial, along with the 100% satisfaction guarantee refund assure that you are in safe hands.

On the other hand, PM PrepCast follows traditional online teaching. Their modules offer more instruction hours and teach everything from basic to advanced project management.

PM PrepCast is cheaper than Brain Sensei and offers more practice questions. If you are a traditional learner, this is the perfect choice for you. But, if you wish to have engaging training, I suggest you choose Brain Sensei.

We’ve thoroughly covered the Brain Sensei vs PM PrepCast comparison. I hope it was useful to you.

What PMP training program have you selected for your PMP exam preparation? Please share it through the comments section.