Today, I will provide you with my detailed Moqups review.

Moqups is a visual collaboration program with many tools like whiteboards, design features, and diagrams. It is one of the best ways for companies to plan, collaborate, communicate and enhance people and work management.

The platform was launched in 2012 by Emil Tamas and has become one of the best wireframing tools.

Moqups allows you to create a variety of visual products to support all sorts of projects. It includes dashboards, mind maps, prototypes, mockups, wireframes, and many more ways to amplify an organization’s message. 

It is best suited for UX professionals, executives, corporations, cross-functional teams, technology-based companies, marketing and management agencies, and a range of different organizations that work on complicated projects. Moqups helps companies streamline their processes and track progress. Various features of the platform can greatly improve team communication and better team collaboration. 

In my Moqups review, we will cover each aspect of the platform to help you understand if it is the tool for you!

Moqups Review

A robust design should have robust prototyping, mockups, and wireframing. It is essential that you pictorialize your concepts, theories, mission, and vision to create a powerful impact. 

This platform simulates designs and brings them to life with the help of different workflows, work charts, and user journeys beforehand. Any information without a graphical representation is boring. 

With Moqups, you can guarantee the information you provide will have a greater impact, with higher user engagement and efficient team communication and collaboration with one click.

This web design-based tool assists you in building all sorts of prototypes, mockups, and wireframes you need for your business. You can navigate between projects and team members and make your design more visually appealing and detailed. 

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Key Features of Moqups

An Ecosystem of Different Tools 

Moqups provides you with wireframes, diagrams, prototypes, stencils, icons, images, fonts, and so much more. You do not have to switch from one platform to another in order to use different features like page management, object editing, or constructing images. 

This streamlined experience makes work easier, quicker, and simpler. 

Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable Features 

The features provided by Moqups are powerful, flexible, and scalable. They advance as your business grows. With this platform, you can handle projects of any size and length; its drag and drop builder is robust and navigation is easy. 

Editing and creating images/graphics from scratch are fast, precise, intuitive, and come loaded with dynamic tools. 

Accelerates Your Creativity 

You can maintain your team’s focus by helping creativity with automation. Moqups offers an extensive range of fonts, styles, icons, stencils, and more to choose from. It keeps you on your toes. This platform allows you to keep everybody in the loop–from stakeholders to employees, business analysts to designers, and managers to developers.

Work from Anywhere 

Moqups is cloud-based and supported on all devices–from desktops, laptops to mobile phones. Geographical constraints are no worries here as everyone is in sync with Moqups’ easy upload and download feature. 

Built-in Library for Icons and Stencils 

This platform comes equipped with a library of icons right at your fingertips. You can easily drag and drop any image you wish to replace, preserve the size, and position it the way you want to, free handedly. 

It also has a comprehensive collection of widgets, smart shapes, and stencils that make your design more appealing. You can select from multiple stencils and add them to both the web design and mobile. 

Team Collaboration and Communication

Moqups’ main motive is to ease out your team’s collaboration and communication as a whole. When you create workflows, diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes, your team receives your message loud and clear. 

This platform lets you collaborate in real-time with complete transparency. It also integrates with Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive. 

Create a free account to check out all the features today!

moqups Team Collaboration and Communication

Moqups Products

#1. Wireframes 

You can enable your team to understand the organizational hierarchy, the user flow of the project, the workload of each employee, and the page density. It uses placeholder text and simple shapes that can create advanced flow as well.

You focus on the structure, and Moqups takes care of the rest. 

moqups wireframes

#2. Mockups

This feature allows your team to receive feedback on the submitted design. You can build on the wireframe to visualize the content and function. It functions as a demo process to show clients how their design is going to look on the main page. 

Mockups help you put the designs into context with an end result in front of you.

#3. Diagrams and Flowcharts 

Moqups helps you create diagrams and flowcharts that enhance employee understanding. There are several diagrams you can create, including concept diagrams, use-case diagrams, decision trees, sitemaps, mind maps, and flowcharts for different workflows. 

This platform provides you with a flowchart stencil that you enter the content and extend it. You can also completely customize it. 

moqups Diagrams and Flowcharts

#4. Charts and Graphs 

Charts and graphs play a major role in any organization, especially when they ease communication between employees. It helps you present visually appealing information. 

With Moqups, you can create bar charts, area charts, doughnut charts, column charts, line charts, pie charts, and much more. 

moqups Charts and Graphs

#5. Online whiteboard 

Moqups makes it easier for your team to collaborate and brainstorm with its online whiteboard feature. Teammates can share ideas in real-time. This visual collaboration tool makes interaction seamless and lets you work from your device. 

The online whiteboard comes equipped with freehand drawing, sticky notes, shapes, annotations, and everything else that comes with the offline whiteboard experience. 

#6. UML Diagram Tool 

This feature lets you create strong visualizations that look completely professional with a full UML stencils set. It offers over a hundred templates with real-time collaboration and creates a unified modeling language to suit all industry standards. Diagrams are easily shareable and made within minutes. 

You can choose from class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use-case diagrams, component diagrams, activity diagrams, composite structure diagrams, deployment diagrams, profile diagrams, and package diagrams. Hence, it is an all-in-one tool to enhance your content. 

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Mockup Templates

Moqups has an abundance of templates you can choose from to create the best of diagrams, flowcharts, and prototypes. It helps you maintain team momentum by getting immediate feedback and robust charts that explain business information to employees. 

It also helps your team share the same vision with seamless collaboration, driven by a unified set of intuitive tools. 

You can find the following templates on Moqups:

  • Wireframes and mockups for eCommerce websites
  • Admin dashboard wireframe
  • Landing page wireframe
  • High and low fidelity wireframe
  • Mobile app wireframe
  • Blog page wireframe
  • Price page wireframe
  • Mobile app landing page wireframe
  • Mind maps
  • Sitemaps
  • UML diagrams
  • Process maps
  • ERD diagrams for network, organization, and timelines
  • Bar graphs and chart
  • Line graphs and charts
  • Area graphs and chart
  • Pie and doughnut charts
  • Funnel charts
  • Column graphs and charts
  • Gantt chart
  • Customer journey maps
  • Business model canvas
  • SWOT analysis format
  • Release roadmap
  • Empathy map
  • User person
  • User story mapping
  • Kanban board
  • Affinity diagram
  • Cause and effect diagrams
  • Business strategy templates
  • Storyboard
  • Weekly calendar
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • 4Qs framework
  • 4Ls retrospective
  • Competitor analysis
  • Five whys analysis
  • Daily standup meeting
  • Meeting agenda
  • Growth engine board and much more
Moqups Mockup Templates

Free Online Graph and Flowchart Maker

Moqups helps you turn your raw data/information into engaging and interesting visual pieces. The online graph maker lets you customize with over a hundred chart templates and over a thousand images and icons that fit your audience, brand, vision, and mission. 

All the above features are available for free.

However, to share, export, and save a flowchart or graph, you will need to upgrade. 

This chart and graph maker is trusted by huge brand names in the industry, including but not limited to Microsoft, Intel, SONY, Amazon, and Oracle. 

Here is what makes Moqups unique:

  • It is completely customizable. 
  • It lets you create charts and graphs within a few minutes.
  • The drag and drop editor helps you replace anything with one click.
  • It helps you create online, collaborate in real-time, and save the work on Cloud from wherever you work.
  • It lets you share with your team instantly. 
  • It shares  links online, adding them to the dashboards, posting them on social media, and exporting them on the device.

All you have to do to create your own graph/chart is:

  • The template of your choice.
  • Add your data set.
  • Customize and style the chart/graph.
  • Share it with the team or export it online.

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moqups Free Online Graph and Flowchart Maker

Moqups Pros and Cons

This Moqups review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the pros and cons of this software.

Moqups Pros

  1. Moqups is an easy-to-use platform, even a beginner can use it with no issues.
  2. It saves you and your company a lot of time since it comes with templates to create charts and flows quickly. 
  3. It helps stretch your creativity with stunning designs you can customize.
  4. It offers unlimited integrations, animations, powerful expressions, and designs that are not offered by other competitors. 
  5. Moqups allows you to create dynamic wireframes and mockups that lead to seamless collaboration between different employees. It also fosters a clear communication channel between top, middle, and low management levels.

Moqups Cons

  1. This platform does not send renewal notifications. They deduct the cost after the trial period and refunds are difficult to obtain.
  2. Selecting every element one by one and editing with the drag and drop editor can be  time-consuming and troublesome. Rearranging flowcharts can be a lengthy process.
  3. In order to download the mockup, you have to upgrade to the paid plan. This kind of contradicts the purpose of having a free plan.

Resources and Blogs

The platform itself has resources and materials that are more helpful than you can imagine. Moqups has a blog filled with informative articles on topics like the difference between low and high-fidelity wireframes, introducing the multiple teams feature, project folders, the usage, stick and stack containers, live chats in Moqups, and more. 

Moqups teaches you all about the platform without subscribing or creating an account. You can understand w running effective meetings to landing page templates before you buy.

moqups Resources and Blogs

Extensions, Add-Ons, and Integrations

Moqups comes with a chrome extension to capture screenshots, create projects, and use a color selection tool. You can save the screenshots directly to your device and make a mood board. 

This program comes with a Firefox add-on. It offers the same features like the chrome version; taking screenshots, enabling eyedroppers, and seamlessly creating projects. 

Last, but not least, Moqups has a powerful set of integrations that help you connect to several other platforms and make your work simpler, quicker, and easier. 

These integrations include, but are not limited to, Jira Cloud, Confluence server, Jira server, Confluence Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and many more. All these have their own individual benefits and up your design game with quick response time and overall excellence.

The following steps will show you the apps and integrations tab on the Moqups platform:

  • Click on the account menu in the top right corner of the app’s toolbar.
  • Select account settings and open the accounts setting window in the platform’s dashboard.
  • Select the apps and notifications tab.
  • Here, you will find all the available integrations in one click.
moqups Extensions Add Ons and Integrations


Moqups has a powerful support group that is always available. Enter your issue into their form, and they will get back to you promptly. You can add pictures of your problem as well. All in all, their support executives are patient and keen to help you use the platform.

Moqups Pricing Plans

The Moqups platform comes with a free plan and two different paid options. The free plan comes with basic features and does not require you to enter your payment card or obligations. This gives you enough time to explore the features and decide if you wish to use them further. The paid plans come with extensive features that help you improve your communication and collaboration. 

The free plan includes one project, which is limited to a total of 200 objects and 5MB of storage. 

All plans include:

  • Unlimited projects and objects
  • Prototype interactions
  • Real-time comments and editing
  • Annotate designs and note-taking
  • Over one thousand icons from popular libraries
  • Unlimited feedback and comments
  • Quick wireframe creation
  • Flow diagramming
  • Uploading own designs
  • Quick icon replacement
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Easy link sharing
  • Google Drive exporting
  • Slack notifications
  • DropBox exporting
  • Creating Trello cards

PRO plan

The pro plan includes 5 editors and costs 16 USD per month, billed annually. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited objects and projects
  • Private projects
  • Roles and permissions
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Jira and confluence integrations 


This is the top-level plan that comes with everything. It costs 69 USD per month (discounted) for unlimited editors, paid annually. Here is everything the plan includes:

  • Everything in the pro plan
  • Multiple teams
  • Email domain allows list
  • Unlimited members
  • Single sign-on

Buy your plan here, today.

moqups pricing plans

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I am positive about this platform’s performance as a communication, design, and collaboration tool that helps you create the workflows and charts businesses need. It does wonders for visualizations and creates clear communications between employees, stakeholders, and every individual who is linked with the organization, internally or externally. 

Moqups comes packed with powerful features at competitive pricing. You will see results within the first few months of usage. The cancel anytime policy makes it a safe bet, and there are o hidden charges. 

I recommend using Moqups as your ultimate design tool to easily create pictorial representations.

I hope this Moqups review was useful to you. If you have subscribed to this wireframing tool, please share your experience with it.