pmp braindump

Since you are studying and preparing for the PMP certification exam, you might be aware of the term PMP braindump, because a lot of websites will be offering you theirs to pass the PMP exam, with a 100% guarantee.

You may have a few questions about these braindumps, like:

  • What is a braindump?
  • Are they beneficial for my studies?
  • Should I use them for my exam preparation?

So, to answer all these questions, I’m writing this blog post, and I hope that after going through it, all your questions will be answered.

What is a Braindump?

Technically, a braindump is the transfer of a large quantity of information from someone’s mind to an external media like paper or a computer’s hard disk.

Though there is no formal division for types of braindumps, for the sake of discussion, I am using four categories, which are more commonly used by professionals involved with the PMP exam preparation:

  1. Your Own Braindump
  2. Someone Else’s Braindump
  3. Pre Exam Braindump
  4. Exam Questions Braindump

Your Own Braindump

This is the braindump that you create for your exam preparation while studying. You read something, understand it, and make a short note of it so that you can review it quickly when the exam is near.

This braindump is very useful for reminding you of concepts that you have studied and understood.

Someone Else’s Braindump

The braindump is similar to the first type, but you prepare it, and then it is used by someone else. For instance, assume you made some short notes and you passed the exam. Now, these notes are useless to you; therefore, you give them to your junior or someone else.

Although there is nothing wrong with this, it is not advisable because anyone who reads your braindumps cannot revise all the concepts and thoughts that you used while making it. No one else can get the full benefit of your braindump.

Pre Exam Braindump

This is the braindump that you write down on paper, in the examination hall, just before the test begins. For instance, you can write down some formulas, draw some graphs, or note some important concepts or definitions. 

This braindump helps you in the exam, and many experts recommend you make one.

Exam Questions Braindump

This braindump is intentionally created by someone to be used by others, for copyrighted materials.

The purpose of this blog post is to make you aware of this fourth type of braindump, and the sure-fail strategy refers to using this braindump. This braindump is a collection of real PMP exam questions.

These days, the term braindump has been hijacked by some fraudulent websites, which sell their illegal braindumps to students with a faulty promise of passing. Their braindumps refer to the question bank that has been memorized from the actual certification exam and recreated.

This is an illegal practice and it is not going to help you in the long run and may cause you to lose your certificate if you are caught. Even if you aren’t, a certificate obtained in this way will not give you any real benefit of understanding the subject. You won’t have the real knowledge and soon your employer will lose faith in you.

Benefits of Braindumps

There is no real benefit of using a braindump; although you may get your certificate by cheating the certification authority, this will not help you go far, and ultimately you will be punished for having no real skill.

Drawbacks of Braindumps

The following are a few drawbacks of using the fourth kind of braindump:

  • This is illegal, considered as cheating and unethical.
  • You may get caught and lose your certificate.
  • You will soon have built no real skills.
  • It degrades the value of the certification.

Braindumps are harmful to everyone including those who sell them because they are risking getting caught by law enforcement.

If you have attempted the PMP exam, I would strongly recommend that you not share the PMP exam questions you remember with anyone, because it violates your Non-Disclosure Agreement with the certification authorities.

If you want to become a PMP, study well, attempt the exam, and pass it.

It is my humble request to all of you who are reading this blog post—don’t use shortcuts. It will diminish your skills and your career growth in the long term. Once you use one, you will never learn practical things, and it will harm your ability to understand the subject.


I strongly recommend that you create your own braindump and use it to understand and remember concepts. It is a good exam preparation tool and all experts recommend it. I also advise you to not think about using illegal braindumps, which have real PMP exam questions. This is unlawful and these braindumps compromise the whole certification process by degrading the value of it and killing the learning and innovative capabilities of students.

What are your thoughts on braindumps? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.